Thursday, 22 November 2012

Turn Again - Ciaran Carson

Been trying to develop a phenomenological mapping style for Belfast when I encountered this piece by Ciaran Carson about mapping Belfast, handily enough. 

I've got a bit of a hill to climb.

Turn Again

There is a map of the city which shows the bridge that was
never built.
A map which shows the bridge that collapsed; the streets that
never existed.
Ireland's Entry, Elbow Lane, Weigh-House Lane, Back Lane,
Stone-Cutter's Entry -
Today's plan is already yesterday's - the streets that were there
are gone.
And the shape of the jails cannot be shown for security reasons.

The linen backing is falling apart - the Falls Road hangs by a
When someone asks me where I live, I remember where I
used to live.
Someone asks me for directions, and I think again. I turn into
A side-street to try to throw off my shadow, and history is

Ciaran Carson

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