Wednesday, 16 January 2013

100 Day Presentation

This is my first attempt at Video Blogging. I thought some of the concepts and diagrams would benefit from genuine human intonation, as opposed to dry text. It's also an attempt for me to get over the hatred of my own voice.

This is the presentation I prepared for my 100 day viva, held on 11 Jan 2013, thankfully I passed. Feedback welcome!

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  1. yes, this is very good, hopefully we can meet in Feb during my visit? you identify the difference between a social paradigm and a human paradigm as performance systems that impose either a social performance or a human performance. you also indicate the use of phenomena that humans use in addition to their bodies to create performance systems, such as money and language. be wary of narcissistic and obtuse uses of financial instruments and linguistic phenomena, such as maps, as has been the case for which see for example Jane Jacobs life and death...